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Inbox MB imagine ideas!!!! 

Mind Over Matter Fanfic 


Comment, read, subscribe to it asap!!! New chapter tomorrow

Hey this is Keia!! Imma try and make some imagines later today (7:00 in Chicago) 

This blog needs more imagines. Imma make some about Issa, Jacquees, MB and that’s it lol!

-Pull my dreads- Jacquees imagine 

“Hey baby” he said to you as he kissed your neck. “Ughh” you let out a small moan that sent chills down your spine. Jacquees pulled you closer as he cuffed your ass breathing on your neck. As he’d did that’ he slowly went lower……..and lower…………………and lower. He was now at your navel. He looked up at you with his beautiful smile licking his lips. “Que” you said as he pushed on the bed spreading your legs open. He knew what that did to you as he could tell that you were getting wetter and wetter by the second. He placed kisses on your thighs. “Baby…..shhhhh” he said as he licked you then he placed a kiss that got closer to your kitty kat……..he looked up at you and rose up kissing your lips…………………you ready?

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Eff yes Imagines!: Is this love? 


Does anyone know the true definition of love? I always thought it was what you felt when you got into a relationship, that ooey gooey feeling that makes your heart melt. I automatically assumed that love was a mutual feeling. That if I was in love with them then they would automatically be in love…